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About the Canine Consultant Specialists Group (CCSG)

The Canine Consultant Specialists Group (CCSG) are leaders in professional Canine Behaviour & Dog Training. We provide workshops, courses and seminars for existing canine professionals and newcomers to the industry; nurturing knowledge, enhancing the accomplished and promoting excellence throughout the profession is our aim.

Our education programmes are delivered with passion and great enthusiasm, creating aspirations and working with individuals’ career goals and personal desires. Not only do we provide courses in regard to dog behaviour and training, but also, business management, human psychology, personal safety, behaviour troubleshooting, interview skills, report writing, body language and facial reading, anatomy and physiology and all of the other under acknowledged skills that are needed to be a successful and professional dog behaviourist.

As well as our weekend Masterclasses and Level 3 Certificates, this year sees the launch of our two new Professional Canine Consultant programmes; the Professional Dog Training Consultant and the Canine Consultant Behaviourist. These exciting programmes are for those looking to embark on a career within the profession, however, that’s not to exclude experienced canine professional as we will tailor the programmes to suit your needs, taking into account any prior learning and experience.

CCSG was founded in 2010 by Lez Graham MA and Ross McCarthy MA along with a phenomenal team of dedicated professional facilitators, all of whom are gifted in their own specialisms.

With our fabulous team, CCSG, aim to continue to educate, guide and encourage the next generation of dog behaviourists, trainers and all dog enthusiasts – helping them to develop and embrace the very best that they can be as a canine behaviour and training professional.

Membership of CCSG

We have a select membership for the very best Canine Consultants. All members have either been through the complete CCSG education programme or have joined by application and demonstrated the highest level of academic and practical knowledge, skills and experience.